Pamela Long Nolan's Artwork is Available for Sale!


…Nolan’s translucent canvases [are] light itself…her illumination seems to come from within the imagery—as the series title, “Issues” indicates. Using fine glazes and subtle tonal modulations, she makes the light appear to emanate from the paint itself.”

The New York Times, 2/13/00



“Nolan’s studies of the equinox moon [are] a poetic subject that transcends geographic distinction. Her scenes…concentrate on the mysterious aura of the moon itself. The landscape, bathed in darkness, is barely distinguishable, while the dominant moon commands attention.”

The New York Times, 8/13/00


“…Positive vibrations emanate from Pamela Nolan’s “Page 3 – Book on Birth”, a small glowing abstract oil that rises to a light-filled crescendo.”

The New York Times, 3/6/94



“…Emphasis is on mood rather than the specifics of place. A dramatic cleft, clogged with russet foliage, with the rising sun turns…the branches seem to dissolve in light…Nolan combines observation with painterly technique to achieve impressionistic effects…”

The New York Times, 12/31/00



“One canvas has a glowing core that shimmers through water mauves, oranges and greens…coalescing into a rich purple droplet near the bottom of the composition.”

The New York Times



“Nolan comes closest to mirroring Kandinsky’s concern with resonance and color’s effect on the emotions…natural phenomena, like misty dawns and watery reflections that inspire romantic notions of spiritual transcendence.”

The New York Times 11/5/00